We have prepared a series of helpful guides to help you use and configure your Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 cable modem ad wireless router. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions!


Setup Guides
Default Username and Password and How to Change
How to Setup Port Forwarding
WMM (QoS) Settings
Bridge Mode as Modem Only
Complete Wireless Guide
Basic Firewall Setup Guide
Xbox Open Nat Settings
How to Reserve Internal IP Adress

Short Guides
Disable IP Flood Detection
Enable UPnP
Guest Network Setup

Basic Motorola SBG6580 Information


Setting Up DMZ Host

Screenshot and Default Help Files

Version: SBG6580-
Status > Software
Status > Connection
Status > Security


Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 — 4 Comments

  1. So I think this website and advice are great for the Motorola SBG6580. While my device runs fine and after running it a bit has a small increase in the range of wireless functionality, I am still confused on 2 things.
    1. When I plug in a Brother wireless enabled printer via ethernet to the modem/router, the light does not go green, nor can I see the connection or even see what the fault or issue is. Sometimes the light might come on briefly when restarting everything, but then goes dark. How can one see what is connected to the ethernet ports on the device?
    2. Why when I change my firewall setting from low to medium, my emails stop working, even when I make sure both port options that POP3 and IMAP are turned on and available.

  2. Why does my modem keep loosing connectivity? I have to unplug it from the wall outlet to reset it and it will reconnect.

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