AMPDU stands for Aggregated MAC Protocol Data Unit. This option is available in most of the router advanced settings for you to enable or disable. In this basic and simple guide, we will discuss what it is, and when you should take advantage of this setting.

Please note that this AMPDU guide is a layman’s guide that does not go into exact technical analysis or key terms. Our goal is rather to help average users configure their router settings that are optimal to their local wifi environment.

A-MPDU Explained Basic and Meaning

The purpose of AMPDU is to improve data transmission by aggregating or grouping together several MPDU blocks. You may also hear the term AMSDU during your research. The only thing that you should know is that they are completely different settings that aggregate different things for the different set of data.

Because of the technical background effects, the A-MPDU option offers a few advantages and disadvantages. There are a few key takeaways from this technology.

1. AMPDU is less efficient in terms of process and speed by itself.
2. AMPDU improves overall network performance by reducing overhead transmitted.
3. AMPDU improves error checking capability because of its additional Block Acknowledgement feature.

Wit these benefits and flaws in mind for the Aggregated MPDU (MAC Protocol Data Unit), we will now discuss situations where you should turn on or off this advanced router setting.

AMPDU On or Off

Below are some of the theoretical situations where the router setting may help you. Please note that these are just general recommendations, your best bet is still by turning only this option on or off to test its actual effect on performance for your wifi network.

When to turn Optimize AMPDU aggregation On
There are two situations where you may want to test with the setting enabled. You should test when either or both of these factors are present in your wifi.

1. You live in a crowded wireless neighborhood with high error rates. AMPDU assists with error checking.

2. You have multiple devices that are connected to your wireless access point or router. AMPDU reduces overhead transmitted.

When to turn Optimize AMPDU aggregation Off
You should generally turn Optimized AMPDU aggregation function disabled when you are running time critical applications such as online gaming or VoIP. The reason is that the AMPDU is less efficient and slower by itself. You want faster and immediate transmission of data rather than aggregation through the router.

Lastly, turn Aggregated AMPDU off if you are using less than 3 actively connected devices in an area with strong wifi signal and less interference. As you will not be able to enjoy any of the benefits that AMPDU router setting offers you.


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  1. I was about to search your guides for MSDU as well. Thank you so much for putting this stuff in layman’s terms. I’ve been toying with my router for months, not knowing what situations these settings are best for.

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