Setting Up 20 Mhz or 40 Mhz Bandwidth

If you are confused about how to setup for 20 Mhz or 40 Mhz bandwidth for your router, you have come to the right guide here. We will go over some simple rules to help you decide the best bandwidth to use for your wireless network.

How to Choose 20 or 40 Mhz?

The answer is it depends on the devices that you have in your house. The answer lies closely with the type of radio broadcasting that you have chosen. The strategy to figure out the best radio broadcast can be found with out 2.4 ghz vs 5 ghz wireless guide.

When You Should Use 20 Mhz for Channel Width?
If you use 2.4 Ghz broadcasting radio, you should use 20 Mhz for the channel width. The simple reason is that 20 Mhz is really a supportive measure for your older devices. Using 20 Mhz on a 5 Ghz radio setting defeats the purpose of actually using 5 Ghz radio setting.

The only exception is that you somehow has a devices that support 5 Ghz broadcasting while only accepting a 20 Mhz bandwidth, however that is fairly uncommon. But if that does happen, see if your router supports duo bandwidth for both 20 Mhz and 40 Mhz.

When You Should Use 40 Mhz for Channel Width?
If you use 5 Ghz broadcasting radio, the chances are that your network is only consisted of the latest devices that support 802.11n. This is when you should use the 40 Mhz bandwidth.

When You Should Use Combination of 20 / 40 Mhz Combination.
Only use 20 Mhz / 40 Mhz combination if one of your devices require it. If not, just set it to 40 Mhz.

How to Control Channel

For 20 Mhz broadcasting with 2.4 Ghz
The best channel band to use are 1, 6, 11

For 40 Mhz broadcasting with 2.4 Ghz
The best channel band to use are 3, 11

For 20 Mhz broadcasting with 5 Ghz
You should use 40 Mhz instead of 20 Mhz, or use combination if your device needs it and the router supports it.

For 40 Mhz broadcasting with 2.4 Ghz
Any channel with the least amount of interference will do. The chances are you are free to use any channels. Consider using the auto function so that when your router can auto adjust for the best channel to use.