If any of your services require you to use UPnP such as Playstation, wireless printers, or any other devices. Use this quick and easy guide to help you enable the SBG6580 UPnP function.

For Your Main Network
Open the Advanced section under Options. Look for UPnP Enable check box. Turn it on to enable SBG6580 UPnP.

Remember to click on Apply to save the UPnP setting.

SBG580 Enable UPnP

For Your Guest Network
When you wish to enable the UPnP option for your guest network. First make sure that you have it available for your main network option from the previous step. Then visit the Wireless Tab -> Guest Network.

Look for the drop down list of UPnP function. Enable it and save the setting to turn UPnP on with your SBG6580 guest network.

SBG6580 Enable UPnP for Guest Network


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