If you are looking to either start or connect to a VPN server with SBG6580. The information on this router guide may help you.

SBG6580 Router VPN Connection Issues

Sometimes if you have problems connecting to a VPN as a client, your SBG6580 router setting may be the culprit. To enable VPN connection and services, you will have to enable the passthrough tunneling.

To do so, visit Advanced > Options to enable Ipsec PassThrough and PPTP PassThrough. Then you should be able to start the VPN connection.

SBG6580 VPN  Setup

Setting Up SBG6580 VPN Server

In general, you should avoid using SBG6580 to setup your VPN server. Because of its duo ability as both a modem and router, sometimes your cable company can push through settings that mess up your setup. This means that it can be risky and headache if you use bridge mode with your SBG6580 in terms of VPN settings. To avoid any problems with your VPN network, consider using a modem + separate router setup.


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