If you have a Motorola Surfboard SBG6580, below are everything that you need to know about the default password and how to reset the login information if you have forgotten the SBG6580 password.

Default SBG6580 Login Password

You can access the Surfboard SBG6580 web manager with any browser and use the IP login address. Remember to use ethernet connection when you login to your router to change settings, this way you ensure that the changes are put in place and no data is lost.

If the default login IP address does not work, consider going for a hard factory reset so you can configure your modem.

Username and admin password:
Default IP login address:
Default Username: admin
Default Password: motorola

The default login is usually the same for Time Warner, Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, and other providers. However, if you cannot access your modem using the defaults, remove the coaxial cable and do a hard factory reset.

Resetting Password

If you have made any changes to the SBG6580 username and password and forget it, the default login combination will not be working and you will get an access denied message. You will have to do a hard factory reset to restore the original defaults. Do the hard reset by holding down the white reset button on the back panel with a pen for 30 seconds and reset default.

Changing SBG6580 Login and Password

It is advised that you change your SBG6580’s default login to protect against unauthorized entries or edits to your modem. To change the factory default login, go to the following screen and change your login combination.

Select Status -> Security and use the drop down box to either change the username or the password. Note that you will need the “current” login information to make any changes. However, with the factory reset your default SBG6580 user and password combination would be (admin/motorola).

SBG6580 Change Admin Password

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Troubleshoot IP Connection Issues

If you cannot access your SBG6580 web manager login screen using the default IP address. That means the “default gateway” or router’s IP address has been changed before. When this happens, the chances are that someone had changed the router’s default settings which includes the IP address.

You will then have to find the default gateway using “Command Prompt”. Type in “ipconfig” as one of the command to find out the correct IP address to login into your SBG6580. You can also refer to this complete guide to find your default gateway.

SBG6580 Find Default Gateway IP

It should also be noted that factory reset also resets the SBG6580 into its default IP address, as well as the username and passwords.


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  1. Hello There,
    I did purchase your Motorola #SBG65850-G2228 from Best Buy and I have hard time re-setting password. Would you mind to send me that link please? Why you made it so complicated? I’m using my work laptop and I couldn’t upload that CD provided with that machine.
    I appreciate your quick response.
    thank you.

    • do you have internet connection and if you tell me the how to crack the ip address and username or password

      • SBG6580-G228 on a temp away from home cable network, Cable One. I can get on-line hard wired thru ethernet cable. Get a password failure when I attempt to connect wireless. What’s my path forward ?

  2. how to know the wifi router adsl and i dont know the username or password to see the password with the help of pc

  3. Installed Motorola modem/router SBG6580-G228 the other day. I’m trying to download a new book on my Kindle. The Kindle asks for wi-fi. When I touch on the Motorola name, I’m asked for a password. I’ve tried Motorola and the ip address 192.168.01 and still can’t get on. Please help. I’d like to be able to read my new books.

  4. I want to give a wifi password to family thats easy instead of the long code on the bottom of the router. Is it possible? How do I go about changing it so that friends can log onto my home wifi when visiting me?

    • If you go on to your computer, once it is connected to the wi-fi, type in in your web address.
      Then admin=username motorola=password, on the top there should be tabs, click on the wireless tab, then either primary or guest network (down the left), and change the name and password for the wifi in there.

  5. i set up the surboard sbg6580 today and manually created a network with my own name and password but the default name is still the one that shows up on the available networks. How do I get it to be shown as the name I created?

  6. Hello. How do I log in if u have forgotten my password that I already changed from default? I don’t want to factory reset it change my IP though. Thank you.

    • Well, if you’ve forgotten, you don’t. Hard reset switch. You can set you IP in the settings. All the questions above involve poking around in the settings. Be sure to save the setting after you change them or they won’t hold.

  7. I have an Artist 6580 surfboard modem and router combo. I switched it from 2.4 hz 5.0 hz as recommend by my Comcast tech. Problem is now I don’t have a default gateway address so can not connect WiFi. My internet is faster but no WiFi sucks. Can anyone assis with this?

    • AREN JOSEPH: What do you mean by “you don’t have a default gateway address”? That makes no sense. If everything works great and you simply do not have WiFi, perhaps what you mean is that you have no SSID showing up (your network isn’t listed.) If that is the case, there is a good chance that your device or network adapter IN your device does not support 5Ghz (Wireless N or AC). Check for that.


      xfinity/comcast user here.
      Arris Gateway default username and password is
      root / motorola
      as stated by Dadicator. Thank you very much sir.

  8. I’ve set up a Guest WiFi network/password where people can connect to the router, but cannot access the internet. What have I done wrong??? VERY frustrating.

  9. I purchased Motorola SBG6580 and because I don’t have a computer I just have my I phone and kindle fire u can connect to the wifi why is that. I have tried everything customer service said I need a computer never had that problem with Comcast . Guess I will return the router it is up was to me

  10. Ive tried to use the ip address they give you and my browser isn’t pulling it up. is there a reason, has it changed.?

  11. I use an Arris SBG6580-G228 modem at home via Grande 200mg service. I bought the modem at Walmart, it works great hard wired/Ethernet cable but when logged on through Wifi it is very slow, i.e. 2mg or less. That’s up and down , iPhone , ipad , droid device, doesn’t seem to matter ? Is there a way to log into the modern and adjust the wifi speed ? Thanks !

  12. I just bought and installed a wireless Modem & Router. I have internet but it asks me for the security key. Where sould I find it? Also I want to watch netflix and get Direct TV on demand.

  13. I got new iPhone 7. My old 4, my tablet,laptop all co never to wifi.my new phone requires password. Nothing works! I reset router even though ther3 never was a change from. Default. Need an answer.

  14. I just discovered that after changing my user name and password, and, my router name and security — but, when I read that there is another default user name/password: root/motorola – it allowed me access automatically!

    If I tried the default, admin/motorola – that would not access it, which is why I always changed my user name/password, on this, or any gateway router that I have had.

    Does anyone know why root/motorola works, when one would think it should not – as it defeats the purpose of changing the user name and password to begin with??

    Thank you.

  15. hi, i think i have an issue with my router Motorola SBG6580, i just bought a kindle fire tablet for my daughter but when i tried to connect with wifi it does not detect only my wifi and it does detect all others networks from neighbours around me. All other devices i have can see my wifi and they are working fine. i have tried reseting the router many times but still same problem. I did some research and i read smth about changing router channel but i dont know where is this option, cant find this option anywhere in router ip page.

  16. Hi I have the Motorola SBG 6850-2 and I need the best coverage with signal. Now I was wondering if I have a dual band option or not, the other things is that I have at least I believe plaster walls and I looked into it and supposedly it’s great at blocking or at least reducing the wifi coverage area. I have a Linksys RE6300 range extender that I got right before I changed my modem/router to the SBG 6580-2. If you could give me some insight and or idk maybe the best possible setup with the equipment I have that would be amazing!!!!

    P.S. Idk if changing how far the signal carries would help, I believe that’s the power option that would help a lot too.

    Thank You

    Sincerely, A. Vidito

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