This short light guide will go through the various status light pattern offered by Motorola SBG6580, you can quickly figure out the issues with your modem by understanding what each of the status SBG6580 lights means.

Motorola Surfboard SBG6580 Lights

If your modem’s connection to your cable provider is good (with the bonded DOCSIS 3.0), you should see two blue lights lit for both your send and receive lights.

Power – Solid Green Light
This is the basic light to show you that the modem is actually on. If it is not, check the outlet or any switches to make sure that your modem has power.

If power is off, all of your lights will be off.

Receive Light
Solid Green Light:
Downstream channel is connected.

Solid Blue Light:
Downstream channel is connected with bonded channels. The Blue Light is better as it indicates that the modem is connecting at higher speed using DOCSIS 3.0 technology.

Flashing Blue Light:
Searching for a downstream channel connection. When you see this and modem reset does not work, contact your cable company customer support to let them know about the issue.

Send Light
Solid Green Light:
Upstream channel is connected.

Solid Blue Light:
Upstream channel is connected with bonded channels. The Blue Light is better as it indicates that the modem is connecting at higher speed using DOCSIS 3.0 technology.

Flashing Blue Light:
Searching for a Upstream channel connection. When you see this and modem reset does not work, contact your cable company customer support to let them know about the issue.

Online Light
Solid Green:
Your modem is fully connected to the internet through your cable provider.

Flashing (Blinking Globe):
The modem is still setting up the configuration settings. If you receive the flashing light indefinitely during the startup process, it means that IP registration is unsuccessful. You may want to try a couple more times then contact your cable provider.

Wireless Light
Flashing Green Light
The flashing green light means that your wireless router is working to send/receive network traffic.

Flashing SBG6580 Yellow Light (Orange)
The orange wifi light or yellow light flashing means that a WPS pairing is currently in progress.


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    • This means someone pressed their WPS button to automatically connect. Problem is that may not even be your equipment. I live in an apartment complex that has heavy usage of the limited 11 channels of 2.4ghz Wi-Fi. One of my neighbors presses the WPS button on their equipment and fails to connect to your network. That’s good, you wouldn’t want them to get into your network. Problem is, this modem will never stop flashing till you unplug it, leave it off for a few seconds and plug it in. If the person (or software) activating WPS does it again, you’ll have the flashing light again. You’ll have to do this unplug routine every time the person activating WPS does so. It drives me crazy as I have at least one neighbor who pushes that button on his equipment at least once every day.

      • I forgot to mention there is a setting in the modem software that you can abort this condition. Use your browser to access the modem and look for the WPS abort stuff. Frankly, this seldom works for me though and so the powering down does till the nearby neighbor decides to press his WPS button again or his software triggers it. I’ve never seen the WPS flashing light stop network connections that are authorized so its just the annoyance of a flashing light to deal with as it doesn’t effect the connections. Of course unplugging the modem and waiting for it to boot back up can mean some of your connected equipment may also have to be rebooted.

    • I m having the same issue. No other lights except for the single orange in the middle. Arris tech support wanted me to pay $30 just to ask a question and best buy , where I bought it, have no idea how to even spell the word “modem”!!!! This is so frustrating! I hope there is a fix to this issue! Modems are expensive and I’ve only had this one for 3 and half years!

      • I had the same problem: A dim (really dim) orange light in the middle. To fix it, there is a tiny pin hole on the back, which is the reset button. Take a ballpoint pin or paperclip and press and hold that button for 30 seconds or more. It will reset all your setting. When I did this, I finally got a green display on the “Power” icon.

  1. I am recieving blinking green light on the recieving signal and no lights on other online light or send signal.How to resolve this?Please provide guidance

  2. Wireless connectivity is working, but only lights on modem are: Power (solid green), Send (Solid blue), and Wireless light (flashing rapidly). My online ‘globe’ light and receive lights are not illuminated. Should they be? I’ve had this modem for about 4 years.

  3. What does it mean when only the globe light is solid and then it starts blinking the recieve, send and Internet lights 4 times and the last time the send and recieve button turn blue?

  4. I’m having a different problem with this modem. It randomly stopped working. When you plug it in. It starts normally. The power light turns solid green. The downstream light will blink for about 10 seconds and then become solid green. Then the send/upstream light flashes green. Can someone please help?

    • I’m experiencing the same thing. Have had it for a year with no problems and all of a sudden started this. Did you get this resolved?

  5. My arris power is like a light white greenish not solid like just got it 6 months ago and also the send receive is blue ans glove is white like and Internet Heart rate in bottom is flashing blue we have signal but noticed it don’t eat range even when we got a range extender now help please what to do now ugh just moved here too one month ago

  6. What if none of the lights power on? My power suddenly went out for a split second and afterwards no lights showed and I had no internet connection.

  7. My power button is green and my receiving button is blinking green and my wireless button is green by nothing else is lit and and there is no signal. Any advice on how on fix?

  8. All the light on mine are blinking nonstop. When I came home it seemed dead but I unplugged it and came back on and now everything is blinking. Help!

    • I have the same problem! And it goes back to work normally after keep plugging it back on and off for a LOT of times! May be 30 times! But i leave it off for a while first. I have no clue what are the all flashing lights mean!! Help!

  9. My send and receive lights are constantly blinking blue. Unpluged power and pluged back up still not working. Anyone know what this means. Have no wifi

  10. Globe light not on, power light works and wifi light works. Receive light on and send light blinking. Everything worked fine earlier. Modem not good anymore?

  11. Our sbg6580 is not giving us a wifi signal. The wifi light is not lit up. We have comcast xfinity for internet. Troubleshooting is not easy on the arris sit. Comcast is saying it’s likely to be modem & arris wants 39.00 to even talk with you to diagnose.
    We need help. Please.

  12. Okay so I was playing a game using the Internet and then it comes off and I check the router and only the receive light keeps blinking its been going on like this for 5 hrs now what should I do

  13. My receive light is blinking. The send and on line lights are off. The wireless light blinks a little. We get internet, but our tv and thermostat keeps loosing connection. We just moved to a new house and the area has fiber optics. They installed their modem but our router has issues.

  14. I have a modem and router arris sbg6782ac Everything is plugged in correctly the back but it will not power up Could you please tell me what could be the problem

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