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Surfboard SBG6580
Surfboard SBG6782AC

Linksys WRT54GL

Netgear WNR2000


Ubee DVW32cb


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  1. Please could you explain what 20/40mhz co-exist is. What this does and how it affects a network”s performance.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Enjoyed reading your guides, helped me a lot, thanks

  2. My computer crashed, so was restored to factory settings. When I tried to reconnect to my wireless, I was unknowingly using the wrong password. So I went in using the original settings. The number on bottom of motorola. Now today when I tried to go in to change password, I can’t log in. It just keeps saying wrong password and user name. I tried using the old ones but it doesn’t work. If I reset yesterday, I don’t remember what it was. What should I do? I don’t want to keep the number , i t is too long and hard to remember.

  3. Great idea..

    I’m currently working on my CCNA Wireless.. this gives a real ‘tires hitting the pavement’ sort of view.


  4. Need help with the dual 2.4G and 5 G setup, i am installing a RING.com and don’t need the dual set up, only need 2.4G. How do i get in touch with you for guidance?

  5. Hi
    I already changed my modem is password 2 years ago, know the modem changed by it self to the old password!!
    My question how I could fix that problem?

  6. I have found your site and information to be very very useful. I was wondering if you could help and explain UPNP settings in further detail. My online experience has massively improved since altering the Advertising Period to 1440 mins and Advertising Time to Live to 128. What exactly do these do and why does it offer such an improvement? I have searched the internet extensively to no avail for information regarding these values and wondered if you can explain in more depth. I have had issues with Latency for a number of years and can’t believe the huge significant change since altering. Kind Regards Steven M

    • Hi Steven, Did you ever get an explanation to your question concerning UPNP settings? I would find this explanation very valuable as well. Would you mind posting the explanation, if it was PM’ed or emailed to you? If not, would one of the experts at routerguide mind providing the requested information? Thank you guys for the exceptional work that you do on this site!

  7. Thanks for the great guide and very clear explanation. Any chance that we could get info on a few other settings. For example: PMF (Protected Management Frame), Auto (Found on Synology router to automatically let devices choose between 5Ghz/2.4Ghz A/B/G/N/AC, key rotation, “Force 40MHz in 2.4Ghz band”, specific/real-world example of using a manual route in a home network, DNS settings (several routers let you use custom DNS in the internet and network settings, does using public DNS interfere with local DNS lookups and local DNS registrations?), VPN settings (would that route all local traffic through a paid VPN privacy service?. Why use IPv6 tunneling?

  8. do I occasionally need to flash or update the firmware on my modem or does it do it automatically, and if I do need to do it manually, how do I go about doing that. I cant find any link on the modems web site. Thanks for any help

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