IP Flood Detection Enable or Disable

In most home use cases, you should keep the Firewall option “IP Flood Detection” disabled. If you are experiencing packets loss or slow connection speed, many times the IP Flood Detection option may be the cause. Depending on your router, there may be different ways for you to disable IP Flood Detection function. However, they are generally located under the Firewall section of your router.

What is IP Flood Detection
IP Flood is a type of Denial of Service attack whereby the victim or system is flooded with information, using up all available bandwidth thereby preventing legitimate users from access. In layman’s terms, it means that you can have one device that uses up all the available data that no other devices can connect.

When IP Flood Detection is enabled, your router has the ability to block malicious devices that are attempting to flood devices.

How to Decide if you need IP Flood Detection On or Off
As home wireless network user, you will NOT need to enable IP Flood Detection. First you will most likely have control over all the devices that connect to your router, so you have little chances of unknown malicious devices that flood your network. Secondly you probably will not have too many devices that connect which can overload your router.

Keep the IP Flood Detection off will generally improve your wireless speed on a home network. Disable IP Flood Detection by having it ticked off will help with your streaming speed for Apple and gaming speed like Call of Duty for Xbox Live. In addition, many users can experience IP Flood Detection packet loss when they enable option.

However, if you operate a public wireless network in a public setting. For example you are an owner of a coffee shop that provides public wifi access, you may want to turn IP Flood Detection On.

In some brands of routers such as Asus, this option may also be named as “Enable DoS protection” under the usual firewall setting.

Router brands that generally have IP Flood Detection option:
IP Flood Detection Motorola Arris
IP Flood Detection Netgear
IP Flood Detection Linksys Belkin
IP Flood Detection Ubee
IP Flood Detection Virgin Superhub
IP Flood Detection Thomson
IP Flood Detection Zoom

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