Having the gears is one of the equations in having no lag gaming environment. Although default settings is generally good since they work, they are often not optimal and best for online gaming purposes. In this guide, we will go over the advanced wifi router settings that people do not really talk about. We will not mention things here that really make no difference in your performance and speed.

This means that we will not be talking about port forward, DMZ, or mac address here. You still need to set them up correctly, but more often than not they do not affect the speed. Instead, we will go everything that makes your router and online games go faster and lag free.

Before we go into the settings,
1. Make sure you do not have all the devices around your home connected to one router. Consider buying a separate dedicated router for your elite gaming devices.
2. Ethernet cable will always be faster than wifi connections for the foreseeable future. No matter how you tweak your wifi settings, there was always be things like noise and interference.
3. You will need pretty strong signals to take advantage of some of these settings. We assume that you are running with a 5 bar connection instead of a 1.
4. Some of these setting changes break compatibility in some other areas such as VoIP. So double check with your family before changing this. Or read more about these settings before you make the tweaks.
5. Your router may not have all of these options available or they could be called different. Make sure to read the tooltip and apply them as necessary.

Best Wifi Router Speed Performance Setting for Optimal Gaming

For more details about these settings, please check Generic Optimization Tips.

802.11 n Support – On for N devices.
WMM Settings – On, with priority settings for your specific game if possible.
Frequency: 5 Ghz
Bandwidth: 40 Mhz
Best Channel: Varies (Not Auto, manually pick one with least competing wifi network in your area)
AP Isolate: Off
IP Flood Detection: Off
Multicast Rate: Disable, or Low number
Preamble Type: Short
Beacon Interval: As high value as possible.
DTIM Interval (Period) As high value as possible.
Tx Burst (Frame Burst / Pack Burst): Enable
WMM APSD: Enable
No Ack / Ack Suppression: Enable
Optimize AMPDU Aggregation: Disable
Airtime Fairness: Disable (Enable if you have other devices connected, and you KNOW that your gaming hardware is the faster one in terms of transmission speed)
Beamforming: Varies. See the guide for more details.
IGMP Snooping: Disable


Best Gaming Wifi Router Settings — 9 Comments

  1. hi sir, good evening, actually im using a 3 mbps dsl connection for my online gaming. Its fast for online game however, everytime my family connects to the wifi router cuz its turned on, my connection slows and my ping strikes high. im experiencing lagging issues. Im the one paying the bills. I decided to apply for a dsl for gaming since im a gamer and to reduce stress and enjoy after work. I dont to be selfish tho, I dont want to turn off my wifi, is there any way I can tweak my settings to somehow jsut reduce the wifi bandwidth or whatnot so that I can still play games at optimal speed, no problem issues but yet still they can connect to the wifi but with a very low settings for facebook etc.

    • There is really nothing you can do 3mbps is very slow for gaming. what game do you play ? If you have a higher end router hooked to your modem you can set the priorty of speed to go to your connection over others. I suggest you call your ISP provider and get a boost no your speed.

      My speed with a surf 400 series modem and dlink ac3200 router im at 300mbps down 70 up my in game ping never goes above 10

  2. I have a question that needs answered.

    I got here in the first place because my router (Motorola ARRIS SBG-6580) cuts out from anywhere to 15 seconds to 3 minutes at a time. It happens once every 30 minutes where there is a small period of time where my internet connection lapses. This is not good for live streaming or gaming. I changed my settings based on what you have recommended and have noticed immediate performance increase. However, this lapse in internet connection is still there every 15-30 minutes. Also, my phone cannot connect to the modem any longer. So:

    1) How do I get rid of this lapse in internet ever 15-30 minutes for a small amount of time (as if it is resetting or something)?
    2) How do I get my iPhone 5s connected back to the internet through the modem?

  3. I own the SGB6580. I only run two devices. The Xbox One and Tab3 by Samsung. I’ve also enabled the UPnP.

    Before I enabled UPnP I assigned my Xbox one IP address to DMZ. I’ve come to understand that The DMZ over rides the DMZ and attemped to disable the DMZ by clearing the last number and clicked applied which changed to Zero. Was this the correct thing to do?

    What are the optimal settings for MMO gaming with with Xbox One?

    Do I need to assign the Xbox Ones ports in Port Forwading with the UPnP enabled?

    Thank you.

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